Whether you’re a complete beginner or a race enthusiast, there’s a place for everyone in NUSSC so don’t hesitate to come chat to us about getting involved. We’re one of the UK’s top race clubs, having won our fair share of competitions over the past few years. We hold weekly training sessions at our local dryslope in Sunderland, on a Tuesday evening. 

NUSSC competes in the KINGS dual slalom race series throughout the year. The Kings races are a series of four races throughout the year, either taking place in Rossendale, near Manchester, or Sunderland. These are an easy entrance to racing and epitomise university skiing.

Even if you are a new racer, these races are a fun, relaxed way to get started - complete with a fancy dress theme! We take mixed ski teams, ladies’ teams and board teams plus anyone who wants to come along and support - so there’s room for everyone.

Winning teams receive mountains of ‘Champagne’ and progress to the national finals; a head to head showdown with the top teams from other leagues. For the finals at the Gloucester dryslope, we have a club trip to Bristol.


Be part of a multi trophy winning, medal grabbing, plastic shredding, indoor slope conquering and dashingly handsome family.


If you’d like to race for NUSSC, or just want to find out more about the competition side of the club, don’t hesitate to contact us: