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If you don’t enjoy shredding, raving and making your parents proud, then stop reading now. This might not be the club for you.

If you watch this short clip...

And if you still don't think NUSSC is for you…

…then you're insane.

NUSSC isn't just a sports team, we're not just a collection of unbelievably good looking people, we’re just a bunch of students who like skiing, and look to have a good time when the snow isn’t about. Yes we do have race teams, yes we have freestyle teams, and yes we do host two MASSIVE trips to the Alps EVERY year with HUGE live acts in Europe’s biggest ski resorts. But we also have HUGE socials!

Joining a university snow sports club has no obligation to actually ski or snowboard, that’s where I come in. We pride ourselves on being the biggest society on campus and our way of rewarding our loyal members is some seeeerious socials. Anyone can get involved and come along, just prepare your liver, because we don’t do things by halves. Like our Facebook page to get regular updates on what is going on and see what event we’ve got going on next!

Everyone knows the most important part of skiing is Après-ski, so when we can’t ski, we just après! Drag yourself to one of the socials and see what we’re about! We've got big plans for this year, with some huge socials lined up, and we're planning our biggest ever set of trips, with some massive names! This year’s social calendar kicks off on Thursday 6th October with our launch party. 


We solemnly swear to keep sending it large so like us on Facebook and join the best party on the mountain!

To be part of the 1400 people we take to the mountains, you need to be a paid member, but don’t worry, we are one of the cheapest snowsports societies in the country! £25 for the whole year gets you access to both trips, access to join us on our UK trips in search of snow, massive discounts from our big name sponsors, and of course exclusive deals and discounts at our socials! Watch this space guys, you won’t be disappointed!

Laura Murphy & Tom Illingworth