Olivia Parker: President

After a year of whacking poles as race captain, Miss Olivia Parker has taken the helm of NUSSC this year. Always there for a chat, but bear in mind that as a binary drunk trying to start a conversation with her on a social will be like flipping a coin. However you’re welcome to catch her hungover at president@nussc.org

Tom Sanderson: Vice President

As a young girl Tom loved to follow the rules, however upon hearing that a great man once said ‘We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.’ he declared ‘f*ck that guy’ and proceeded to try and help everyone. If you don’t have Jeremy Kyle’s email, get in touch with Tom for advice on all your problems at vicepresident@nussc.org

Willam Wickham: Treasurer

Will has assured us that his book-keeping is up to the standard needed to look after NUSSC’s budget this year, however after plenty of ‘eventful’ nights out and many a NUSSC drinking games this would leads us to believe otherwise. Looking to take a gamble with your student loan? Contact Will at treasurer@nussc.org

Stuart Brown: Secretary

Stuart’s obsessive-compulsive organisational skills coupled with above-par looks make him the perfect sexy-secretary for NUSSC this year. Despite also being a maths genius, Stu is able to hold eye contact for almost a minute. Ask him what his favorite number is at secretary@nussc.org

Daniel Versloot: Social Secretary

Coming fresh to uni last year, Dan has always shown eagerness within NUSSC. Keen to prove his worth, he inadvertently swallowed a 2 cent piece on his first NUSSC ski trip. Since then he’s been unable to go through airport metal detectors, but can still throw a great social. Ask him if he’s carrying any spare change at socialsec@nussc.org

Claudia Pitcher: Race Captain

Just how Claudia manages to balance the hectic life of an art student while also being NUSSC’s race captain is as much of a mystery as her accent. Countless international studies have been undertaken to establish the origin of this accent, but we’ve been forced to accept that we’ll never truly understand. Ask her to pronounce your favourite word at racecaptain@nussc.org

Dan Chippendale: Snowboard Captain

Chip: noun [usually plural] (US French fry). A long, thin piece of potato that is fried and usually eaten hot. Much like his starchy namesake Dan (Chippers) is loved by all. His similarity to the fast food gives him speed on the hill and makes him the perfect snowboard captain for NUSSC this year. Ask him if he prefers thin, thick or curly at snowboardcaptain@nussc.org

Ali Dibden - Freestyle Captain

If one were to take a look at Ali’s wardrobe, one would come to the conclusion that he is the BFG. Although he does fit the ‘Friendly’ criterion, he’s actually very averagely sized but just needs the extra length in clothing to truly convey all of his steeze. If you think your t-shirts are tall enough, email him at freestylecaptain@nussc.org